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Due to official annoncement Magento 1 sunrise is scheduled for the end of June 2020, that means, all those who haven't migrated to Magento 2 are at a predictable high risk of loosing their business. Unsupported software with no security updates will lead to web skimming attacks, hacking attempts and infected code that steals customers' payment details. Those who fail to implement Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration will have a forced pause in a workflow, it's time frames depend on every single case, approximately 1-6 months. The merchants must understand that these circumstances could have significantly negative impact on their business, daily workflow and employees places.


Magento Migration Services

We provide painless migration in quick terms

Magento 1 Sunset

Starting from June 30th, 2020 Magento 1 will no longer be supported

Start planning your upgrade today!


New Magento 2 online shop

We will build for you an excellent Magento eCommerce store with perfect solutions, easy management and a great number of benefits. Fully responsive design friendly for users meets the requierements of nowadays trends. After you explored basic financial, security and legal matters for opening an online store, next step is to share your concept to our Magento Solution Architect and get a quote and workflow scheduling.



Business card website, commercial website or 2-3 webmagazines combined into 1?

We can implement everything you need to improve your results in business and keep it's online face attractive for customers and partners.

Choose the best solution that suits your requirements.


Regular support and development services to keep your online business up to date

Bug fixes ● Graphic updates ● Text and code changes ● Extension installations ● Magento customizations ● Magento version upgrades ● 3rd-party integrations ● New features development ● Magento SEO audit ● Magento code audit ● Consulting


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