We provide easily managed web solutions, based on a Magento platform, to grow up your online business


We will help you to build a profitable Magento store even if you are new to e-commerce. Your website will be trendy, 100% fully responsive, easily managable and secure. A straight forward user experience starts from consulting which includes project data analysis, the choise of system design based on customer requirements, the choice of technology for each link in the system, the choice of interaction methods between system components, creating a working prototype, design of interfaces and application components, selection or framework design, analysis and correction of performance problems - possible risks discussion. Architectural review of business requirements is absolutely necessary part in a web store development as well as coordination of architecture throughout the subsequent software life cycle, where officially approved Magento code standards are applied.

Adobe has officially announced support for Magento ends in June 2020 and Magento will no longer provide security updates or patches for Magento 1, all this is made to bring Magento to the new level of security in the world's e-commerce space. Magento 2 migration will be usefull for your business security and customers experience, the process itself is fully predictable and nonpainfull - while we are developing your new website and integrating the data on a test subdomain, you'll be able to keep using your domain to drive conversions, we'll only switch domains when your new store is fully completed and tested to make sure there are no issues with the site.

New hybrid website model will boost your online business, increase a market share and help SME's reach their potential. This unified model integrates the two major divisions of e-commerce: the business-to-business oriented e-commerce, or B2B, and consumer-oriented e-commerce, or B2C. The B2B dimension appears due to the exiting relationship between the supplier organization, who wants to publish their e-catalogs, and the e-commerce organization, who offers the e-commerce infrastructure.You receive a unified managment system, one codebase, theme and as a result - one brand to promote. The benefits that are moving forward with one site are obvious - your business are totally simplified and cost effective.

We develop, customize and integrate all kinds of extensions on Magento 2. Magento custom solutions and module development is our area of expertise, our rich extension development experience allows us to offer proficient solutions and implement projects of any complexity.


Web architecture, complimentory PM, flawless communication, flexible pricing, culture fit

Bug fixes Graphic updates Text and code changes Extension installations Magento customizations Magento version upgrades 3rd-party integrations New features development Magento SEO audit Magento code audit Consulting


Gain all of the benefits of strategically scheduled workflow Magento troubleshooting / maintenance / support / care plan / quality eCommerce solutions

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